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 Our Mission


Our mission is to build popular local-level support in Maricopa County for a truly independent, grassroots, progressive, and people-powered political party that is free from the influence of corporations, super PACs, and the ultra-wealthy. As such, we do not accept any donations from corporations, super PACs or special interest groups. This freedom from corporate influence allows us the unique opportunity to authentically stand up and fight for the issues that matter to working people and our planet where the Democrats, Republicans, and even Libertarians have failed due to their dependence on support from big business and the top 1%.

The Green Party of Maricopa County aims to recruit, train, and support "Green" candidates and volunteers from within our communities to represent us by participating in local-level elections (municipal/county) as a means of building our party's organizing power at the grassroots, local level. Beyond electoral politics, we seek to provide a variety of methods for the voting public to interact with us both socially and while engaging in organizing, political education, mutual aid, and direct action in our communities.

Because of the fact that most municipal-level elections in Maricopa County are non-partisan in nature, a qualified "Green" candidate in a local municipal election would be defined as any candidate who;

  • Is legally eligible to be a candidate for the office they are running for (reside in the city/district/jurisdiction, of eligible age, etc.)
  • Is registered to vote with the Green Party in Maricopa County and the State of Arizona
  • Is seeking, plans to seek, or is given the official endorsement of the Green Party of Maricopa County or AZGP
  • Agrees to refuse all corporate, special interest, and super PAC donations
  • Agrees to run on a platform centered around our party's Ten Key Values and in the general spirit of the GPUS and AZGP platforms.

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