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Happy 2023 GPMC!


Maricopa County Greens,


Thank you all for your interest and support in building the Green Party in Maricopa County! We want to wish all of you a very happy new year and invite you all to please join us in 2023 as we grow the party for People, Planet, and Peace here in the heart of Arizona.

In 2023, we believe that our party must be thinking globally about issues like poverty, climate change, housing, healthcare, etc., and to start seriously acting at the local level where we have the most ability to affect change in our immediate communities. That means getting directly involved with our communities, having face to face conversations with friends and neighbors, and hopefully recruiting and running some strong Green candidates in upcoming municipal and county elections!

Our authentic, people-powered movement for social and political change MUST begin right here at the grassroots level, and we need YOU to join us and help us build the future we want to see.

The Green Party of Maricopa County will be meeting on Thursday, January 19th from 7-9PM via Zoom for our annual meeting in order to elect new officers to our county committee and to discuss our plans for 2023-24.

We will also be holding a "socially distanced social event" on January 28th from 6-8PM via Zoom for all Maricopa County Greens, community members, and interested supporters to get to know each other as individuals and get to know the Green Party and our county chapter.

Links to RSVP and register for January's meetings and events can be found on our "Events" Page

We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue the process of transitioning our website and some of our social media over to these new handles. For reference, you can find GPMC on;

our website -

twitter - @GPMaricopa

facebook -

instagram - @greenpartymaricopa

We are aware that our donation processing currently is not available via this new website, so we ask that all donations and dues-payments for GPMC temporarily be instead sent as donations to the state party (AZGP) while we get our county-level financials straightened out. Thank you!

We are excited to get started growing and building the Green Party of Maricopa County with all of you in the new year, and we hope to see you at an upcoming meeting or event!


In Solidarity,


Cody Hannah

AZGP Co-Chair (2022-2024)

GPMC Member



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