Steering Committee


The Green Party of Maricopa County elects Officers from within our membership at our annual elections meeting in January of each calendar year to serve on our County Steering Committee. The County Steering Committee is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of GPMC, as well as voting on all official county chapter proposals on behalf of the chapter's membership (this does not include elections/recall of County Steering Committee members, bylaw amendments, candidate endorsements, or any other proposal that requires a vote of the whole of the general membership present at a chapter meeting).

Steering Committee members are expected to be in attendance for all official regularly-scheduled chapter meetings in order to meet quorum requirements and to vote on chapter proposals. Repeated failure by Steering Committee members to attend scheduled meetings and/or vote on proposals may constitute a dereliction of duties and trigger a vote of removal/recall of said member(s). Absences due to illness, injury, bereavement, work/school/family conflicts, vacations, etc. will be considered excused so long as prior written notice has been given to the Steering Committee by email at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Absences, whether excused or not, do not affect quorum requirements for chapter meetings. The GPMC does not recognize proxies in our meetings.

Steering Committee members are also expected as part of their official duties to both uphold the values of our party and to comply with our bylaws, rules, procedures, and expectations of conduct. Officers who are found to be in gross violation of these expectations may be considered for removal/recall by a 2/3rds (67%) majority vote of the GPMC members present at the meeting in which the proposal for removal/recall is introduced and considered.

In addition to their duties to the county chapter, and unless otherwise noted, the elected Chairperson and 1st Vice-Chairperson shall serve as GPMC's official voting representatives on the AZGP State Committee for the duration of their term.

Vacancies on the County Steering Committee due to resignation, removal/recall, or failure to nominate an eligible candidate at the chapter's annual elections meeting may be filled by appointment by the GPMC Steering Committee prior to the next ensuing annual elections meeting. Appointments to the County Steering Committee to fill vacancies require either consensus or a 2/3rds (67%) majority vote of the elected/appointed members on the Steering Committee in order to be approved.

If you are interested in serving as an Officer of the GPMC's County Steering Committee, please contact us either through our website or via email at [email protected].


2024 GPMC Steering Committee Officers


Chairperson (term ends January 2025): Cody Hannah

1st Vice-Chairperson (term ends January 2025): Vacant

2nd Vice-Chairperson (term ends January 2025): Vacant

Treasurer (term ends January 2025): Amee Beck-Jones (interim appointed, non-voting)

Secretary (term ends January 2025): Vacant

At-Large Member (term ends January 2025): Vacant

At-Large Member (term ends January 2025): Scott Menor



Working Committees


For the purposes of dividing the different kinds of necessary work required of our county chapter, GPMC may create formal and specialized volunteer groups known as Working Committees.

Working committees are volunteer-led and may choose to elect/appoint their own committee chairperson (with the exception of the Treasurer, who is tasked with leading the Finance & Fundraising Committee as part of their official duties), and each committee may set their own meeting schedules and develop their own "best practices" in order to most effectively and efficiently organize their activities.

Working committees and their members are expected to uphold our party's values and comply with the bylaws, rules, procedures, and expectations of conduct of both GPMC and AZGP in their work for the chapter. Working committee chairpersons, while serving as important volunteer leaders in our party, are not considered as voting members of the County Steering Committee unless otherwise elected as such in other official capacities.

All active working committees are expected to prepare and provide a brief report to our chapter's membership of their current projects, activities, goals, needs, and any upcoming committee meetings/events at the monthly regular GPMC General Membership Meeting. This report shall be presented by the committee's chairperson- or, alternatively- a written report submitted to the GPMC Steering Committee via email at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting will suffice if there is no chairperson or other representative of the committee available to be in attendance.

The current GPMC Working Committees and a brief description of their general duties and responsibilities to the chapter are listed below;

Finance & Fundraising Committee: Responsible for carrying out any approved expenditures, developing a fiscally sound budget for the chapter, organizing coordinated efforts to raise money via grassroots donations, and ensuring that GPMC and our endorsed candidates abide by all local/state/federal regulations regarding campaign financing and political spending.

Ballot Access Committee: Responsible for organizing and training GPMC volunteers to register new Green voters and collect valid petition signatures in order to gain and maintain our chapter's official recognition as a county political party, as well as collecting ballot access signatures for any GPMC-endorsed candidates for public office, ballot initiatives, and/or referendums.

Media Outreach & Communications Committee: Responsible for drafting all official statements and announcements from GPMC to media outlets and members of the press (contingent upon final draft approval of the County Steering Committee), managing our chapter's website and social media accounts, developing informative and creative traditional/digital media content, and engaging in targeted communications and outreach to both the chapter's current registered members, as well as to the general public.

Political Campaigns Committee: Responsible for the recruitment, training, and guidance of Green Party candidates running for public office in Maricopa County, and to provide practical volunteer support for these candidates, both while campaigning and during their term if/when they are elected.

Events & Actions Committee: Responsible for the coordination and logistical planning of all official "non-meeting" events and actions that are sponsored and/or hosted by GPMC, as well as ensuring that our chapter is both informed about and has a consistent and visible presence in the events and actions of other likeminded organizations/groups in the local grassroots activist community.

Participation in our chapter's volunteer working committees is limited to individuals residing in Maricopa County that are currently registered to vote with the Green Party in Arizona and remain in good standing (i.e., not under official censure or facing any formal disciplinary action) with both the AZGP and our county chapter. If you are interested in volunteering on one or more of our chapter's active working committees, please reach out to us on our website or contact us via email at [email protected].

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