Run for Office


Running For Office


Are you interested in running a grassroots, local campaign for public office that is willing to fight for the interests of People, Planet, and Peace?


If so, that's awesome! And we're here to help!

Running Green Party candidates in elections is the primary method for us to increase our party's visibility, develop our grassroots organizing capacity, spread our message and values to voters, and begin to institutionalize our party's presence in local level government.

Our candidates are progressive working class citizens, activists, organizers, and community advocates; but they are also parents, teachers, nurses, friends, and neighbors, and we believe that any registered Green in Maricopa County who believes in our values and our platform and wants to take the courageous step of running for office as a Green candidates is more than qualified to represent us. No experience necessary.


If you are ready to run a corporate-free, GREEN campaign for public office in Maricopa County, please contact us and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!



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