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The Green Party is the 4th largest political party in the United States, with over 200K registered voters nationwide who believe in our fight for the interests of People, Planet, and Peace over profits. The Green Party of Maricopa County is an officially recognized and incorporated affiliate chapter of the Arizona Green Party. Our chapter represents all Arizona voters living within Maricopa County who have designated their party preference as "Green" on their AZ Voter Registration.

We are independent, grassroots, and guided by our Four Pillars of Ecology, Democracy, Peace, and Social Justice.

We believe that the many social, economic, and ecological problems plaguing our modern day society are deeply interconnected and, at their root, are either caused or exacerbated by both our commodification of the natural world, as well as through our society's centralization of wealth and political power into the hands of the very few.

We believe that, as history has shown us time and again, infiltration/entry-ism by progressives, leftists, socialists, communists, etc. into the corporate-controlled Democratic Party has been an unfruitful endeavor, and has not accomplished the policy goals that we need to create a sustainable and equitable future.

We believe that progressive-minded, independent voters in Arizona deserve to have a party of our own.


Green politics, at its core, is about a radical commitment to People, Planet, and Peace 


It is a commitment to defending the idea that all of us, no matter who we are, should have equal opportunities to participate in government, and an equal say in what happens in the communities we live in. 

It is a commitment to ending cycles of harm in ourselves, in our homes, in our communities, and in our government; and instead making the radical decision to choose diplomacy, forgiveness, and love in the face of conflict. 

It is a commitment to fight for a sustainable and ecologically harmonious society, and for the right of future generations to have a habitable, beautiful planet to not just survive on, but to thrive on for many generations to come. 

It is a commitment to stand in solidarity with the oppressed peoples of all nations, and to adopt their struggles for freedom and justice as our own, as we would hope they would do for us. 

And, above all, it is a commitment to the idea that ordinary people around the world have real power to influence our government and our society when we come together for the greater good of us all.

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